• Introducing our new body by Inga Shrinker Gel. This Gel can be used on your stomach, waist, and back. Before exercise, apply Shrinker Gel to the skin, coating all desired areas without rubbing in. Shrinker Gel is activated by your elevated heart rate, and works best during cardio, circuit, and intensity interval training. The Shrinker Gel should be used under your IngaSez Waist Shrinker, in a sauna, or while swimming. If you need a strong effect, wrap it around your stomach with plastic wrap under waist shrinker. While exercising, you will feel a log of sweat.
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    Ingasez Form-fitting trousers for women extend from the waist to the ankles, we focus our efforts on providing quality and attention to detail. Our supplier is internationally recognized in the industry as having a leading edge in innovation and cutting edge technology in the activewear marketplace. 
All of our products are made to perfection.
    • Comfortable breathable material
    • Amazing workout pants made to fit like skin
    • 2 layers of inner fabric flattering for all body types
    • Buttocks - The bottom is lifted and beautifully sculpted
    • Inner Thighs & Outer Thighs kept firmly form fitting
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